Terms & Conditions

Conditions of reservation for rooms

Optional booking up to 2 months ahead of schedule
This term, it is necessary to book shut and pay 30% deposit.
non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed
Deposit for the rental of rooms: 400

It can be provided by prior arrangement, but groups can also cook or a picnic in the kitchen made available to them under the conditions above.

It is made directly with students, according to availability
and according to the rates bed and breakfast (see the site)
Need for firm reservation

Data sheet
The great Hall (75 m 2)
It's on carpet. Practice mats and cushions,

The small room (25 m 2)
Chairs and tables are provided, but the space can be emptied if necessary.

Room rustique(35m2)
Equipped with a large rectangular table of 12 beds, possibility to add an additional table of 6 places.